We offer the following services:

  • Automotive Air Conditioning
  • Automotive Filters
  • Automotive Inspections
  • Belt and Hose Replacement
  • Brakes and Rotors
  • Alignments
  • Car Battery Replacement
  • Battery Maintainer Installations
  • Engine Parts and Mounts
  • Exhaust Service
  • Transmission and Transaxle Repairs
  • Starters
  • Engine Repairs
  • Engine Oil, Fluids and Chemicals
  • Tire Services
  • Wiper Replacement
  • Wheel Bearings and Seals

IMS Bearing Replacement

We use LN Engineering products when replacing IMS Bearings in Porsches through the 2005 models. We can install any of the parts that they have for your car.  We have worked on automobiles that needed  engine replacements due to the IMS failure to preventative maintenance where the ball bearings fell out into our hands as we removed it. Call today for an estimate!

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